The 41 km. Banadad Ski Trail System is accessible from two trail heads, both with free parking; the eastern trail head is located 30 miles up the Gunflint Trail off the Lima Grade; the west end trail head is on the Gunflint Trail at Fire # 10045. In addition to the Banadad the trail system consists of the Lace Lake, Tall Pines and Tim Knapp Trails. The Banadad is the BWCA longest tracked ski trail and likely the longest wilderness tracked ski trail in the USA. For more info call 218-388-4487.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Ski Trail Report

Lace Lake Trail (4 km.) opened and tracked.
Banadad east end opened out 10 miles but not tracked.

Snow on the Ground- 16"
New snow past 24 hours- 1-2"
Snow base on trail: 10+"

We are not making much headway on the Banadad- we move ahead one step and then two days later it back one step. Two days ago two guys re-cleared the Lace Lake trail, it took 5
1/2 hours. This was after the Lace Lake was completely cleared about five days ago.Then yesterday I tracked Lace Lake and still had to cut two more trees that just fell across the trail. Today four guys will be re-cutting their way east on the Banadad. We are out about ten miles of the twelve to the mid-trail junction. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Trail Block by down trees and brush-Crews working to get the Banadad

Tons of down brush and tree have totally blocked the trail. We have been getting more snow and it has even made it worse. Paid trails crews of three to five people have been working daily. We now have the Lace Lake, Tim Knopp and 10 of the 20 Mile of the Banadad cleared. But more tree keep falling into trail as we work. It will be at least another seven or eight days before the Banadad will be cleared. That is if we do not run out of money to pay for the trail workers before then.  Help needed!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

We now have 14" of snow on the ground. But unfortunately the Banadad is littered with down brush and
trees from the heavy wet snow we had the last few days.  See above- images from start of Lace Lake
Trail. There is also a lot of trees on the trail from a storm that went through in early November after
most of our volunteer maintenance crew had worked on the trail. We are working on clearing the trail
but it going to take quite a bit of time to get the Banadad open for skiing this year.


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