Banadad Trail Snow & Trail Conditions Report- brought to you by the Banadad Trail Association

The Banadad is the BWCA's longest tracked ski trails at 30 km. The Trail is best described as a single tracked intimate trail winding through the BWCA. On the Banadad eastern end is the single tracked 4-km. Lace Lake Trail, the 3.2-km Seppala Trail and the 3.5-km. Tall Pines Trail. The eastern end of the trail system connects with the Central Gunflints Trails and the western end connects with the Upper Gunflint Trails.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Skier on the Banadad for the Season

For the second year in a row the person to close-off the ski season on the Banadad this winter season has a cabin on Little Ollie Lake. This year's honors goes to Joanne Nichols and her dog. She skied several days getting out as far as the Lizz Lake Portage a round trip distance of eight kilometer. Her last day on the trail was April 16. According to Joanne "you can't beat 60 degrees and nice snow on the Banadad. Making my own tracks was just fine!"

Last year on April 8 Judy Ross closed off the trail. Judy also has a cabin on Little Ollie Lake. Both Joanne and Judy and their husbands hail from White Bear Lake..

All and all it was a tough winter season on the Banadad Ski Trail- A heavy wet snowfall in mid-December resulted in dropping much of the side brushed and hundreds of trees into the trail. The Banadad Trail Association made a valiant attempt to clear the brush and trees blocking the trail. Eighteen kilometers of the east end was cleared however as fast as that section of trail was cleared more snow laden trees fell into the trail and the trail became impassable again. This continue throughout the winter.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ski Trail Report

Great/Excellent Spring Ski

Tracked this morning- Lace Lake Trail (5 km.), Tall Pines Trail (1.6 km ), and Knapp Trail 1.5 km.) opened and tracked. Banadad east end opened and tracked  out  3 km  to the Tim Knapp turn-off

Snow on the Ground- 18"
New snow past three days ago - 10-12 inches
Snow base on trail: 14"

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ski Trail Report

Lace Lake Trail (5 km.), Tall Pines Trail (1.6 km , and Knapp Trail 1.5 km.) opened and tracked.
Banadad east end opened and tracked  out  6.6 km  to the Meads Lake Portage

Snow on the Ground- 22"
New snow past 24 hours- 1-2"
Snow base on trail: 19"

This year due to the December ice/heavy wet snow which littered the trail with brush and trees we have not been able to get the entire Banadad cleared. We cleared the Banadad's east end (19 km.) twice and a portion of the west end  but the trees and tops of conifers kept falling into the trail. Now it is litter with more trees. Don't know when the trees which are load with heavy encrusted snow are going to stop falling.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Twenty-six inches of beautiful snow on the ground-

Tracked: Banadad's eastern end trails tracked yesterday- including the Lace Lake. Tall Pines, Knapp and Banadad to Knapp. - 9 kilometers

Skiing is excellent on the tracked section of the Banadad Trails.

Snow base: 20"

Some low hanging branches along the tracked trails. We have cleared the whole eastern end at least twice and some of the western end of the Banadad but trees and conifer tops are continuing to fall on the more remote sections of the trail system.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making Progress on the Banadad Trails

Lace Lake, Tall Pine, Knapp and first 3 Kilometers Banadad Opened and tracked.

Snow on the Ground: 18"
Tracked Trails: 8 kilometers

Crews out removing down trees and brush from the Banadad report about 1/4 mile left of the Banadad to clear on the trail's eastern end. USFS crews planned to have been working on west end of the Banadad Thursday and Friday. No report yet on what was accomplished.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mother Nature Creates Difficult Opening of the Banadad

When we last posted here, the Banadad Trail Association had just hosted the annual trail clearing day and membership meeting.  Several volunteers had clipped and sawed their way through miles of alder brush and fallen trees, readying the trail for the winter.  More trail-clearing folks followed in the next couple of weeks, and we all had a good feeling about the upcoming ski season.

How quickly that changed! The much-anticipated snow finally came, but not as the fluffly, fat flakes that we prefer.  Instead, it fell heavy and wet, cloaking every twig and tree in a thick coat.  Mother Nature mixed in a bit of freezing drizzle, and then added more of that same kind of snow.  Someone likened it to wet cement.  That was an apt description, for when it solidly froze, just like dried cement, it weighted those trees until they were bowing down to the ground.  For many miles, the trail was completely impassable.  As beautiful as it was, it created miles of havoc, and a boatload of new clearing to be done.

For the last several weeks, many people, both volunteer and paid, have been working hard to clear the trail so that it is usable this winter.  The good news is that at this point, the Lace Lake Trail (4K) and the Tall Pines Trail (1.7K) are both opened and groomed.  The snow depth is 18".  Snow still covers the trees, making for a uniquely beautiful trail.  Come out and ski it!

The eastern end of the Banadad is once again nearly cleared, with about another day or two of work remaining.  As soon as we get fresh snow, this section will be groomed and tracked.  The trail will extend to the mid-trail junction, near the yurt.  A loop will be possible, utilizing the Moose Trail.  While not what we would have hoped for back in October when we were working, at least we have something here to ski. The distance for this section is 15.5K.

Unfortunately, it is not expected that the western end of the Banadad will be open this season.  Much work remains on the remaining 12K.  As time and funding permit, we will chip away at it, and we welcome your help if you so desire.  To that end, a sign has been posted in the parking lot, and two saws are hanging for anyone who wants to snowshoe in on the trail and cut a few things away. 

We are so grateful to everyone who has stepped in to assist in the herculean effort to re-open the trail.  Mother Nature tossed us some lemons, but we didn't let that stop us.  Join us on the Banadad, the Lace Lake Trail and the Tall Pines Trail, and see how pretty this season has turned out to be. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Ski Trail Report

Lace Lake Trail (4 km.) opened and tracked.
Banadad east end opened out 10 miles but not tracked.

Snow on the Ground- 16"
New snow past 24 hours- 1-2"
Snow base on trail: 10+"

We are not making much headway on the Banadad- we move ahead one step and then two days later it back one step. Two days ago two guys re-cleared the Lace Lake trail, it took 5
1/2 hours. This was after the Lace Lake was completely cleared about five days ago.Then yesterday I tracked Lace Lake and still had to cut two more trees that just fell across the trail. Today four guys will be re-cutting their way east on the Banadad. We are out about ten miles of the twelve to the mid-trail junction.