Banadad Trail Snow & Trail Conditions Report- brought to you by the Banadad Trail Association

The 41 km. Banadad Ski Trail System is accessible from two trail heads, both with free parking; the eastern trail head is located 30 miles up the Gunflint Trail off the Lima Grade; the west end trail head is on the Gunflint Trail at Fire # 10045. In addition to the Banadad the trail system consists of the Lace Lake, Tall Pines and Tim Knapp Trails. The Banadad is the BWCA longest tracked ski trail and likely the longest wilderness tracked ski trail in the USA. For more info call 218-388-4487.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Moose and calf through Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B's yard and bull moose on Little Ollie Road.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ice-out Poplar Lake

If it was not for the cold weather last night and today  with temperatures now in the mid-twenties, ice in Poplar Lake would likely be out. As it is, yesterday a large flouting ice pack was still in the lake. The smaller lakes including Swamper and through out the mid-Gunflint area are ice free. On Little Ollie Lake, where Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B is located, the ice went out several days ago. Photos are of Little Ollie Lake and Poplar Creek,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lakes are beginning to open in the mid Gunflint area - Most of the smaller lakes are open. Little Ollie Lake next to Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B is open with just a bit of floating ice in the east end remaining. Poplar Creek with the spring thaw is flowing nicely.

Still snow on the Banadad Ski Trail but not enough to ski.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Snow; More on the way- Skiing Excellent

Snow Fall with in 24 Hours -3 inches

Snow Fall past 7 days-  3 inches

Snow on the Ground- 14 inches

Trails Tracked- 13 kilometers tracked- Banadad to just past Lizz Portage, Lace Lake, Tall Pines and Knapp trails..

Description   - Skiing is excellent. Groomed today (Saturday) more snow is expected the next two or three days. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Banadad Trails still Open

Snow Fall with in 24 Hours -dusting

Snow Fall past 7 days- 2

Snow on the Ground- 13 inches

Trails Tracked- 13 kilometers - Banadad to just past Lizz Portage, Lace Lake, Tall Pines and Knapp.

Description   -Trails tracked yesterday and we planned to track the entire Banadad today when we were expecting more snow. Instead it rained and wiped out most of yesterday's fresh snow. Had to call off tracking the Banadad.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow on the Trails; More Needed

There has not been much change of the conditions on the Banadad this past week. We only had about 1/2 inches of snow during this period and what snow is on the ground is crusty so it does not blow around. There is still 16" of measure snow remaining on the ground. Banadad does have a slight track yet.  Likely groomable snow will arrive this coming weekend.

Last week four parties ski the entire Banadad and many more ski in and out from the two ends. I can not say we currently have great skiing but the trail is skiable.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Banadad Tracked Skiing Good to Excellent

Snow Fall with in 24 Hours -dusting

Snow Fall past 7 days- 2 1/2 inches

Snow on the Ground- 19 inches

Trails Tracked- Entire 41 kilometers of the Banadad Ski System tracked.  Banadad (tracked today), Lace Lake, Tall Pines & Knapp (tracked day before yesterday)

Conditions  - Ski Conditions are good to excellent with the exception of some spots where the moose were on the trail and trashed it. The snow that fell two days ago enabled us to set tracks over the crusty snow underneath.
  On the groomer is Missy,


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